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Fun and adventure await on your Gold Coast caravan holiday. The kind of thing you won’t find in a hotel room!

Gold Coast Caravan Hire:
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Optional: Annex, Outdoor equiment

caravan hire Gold Coast

Don’t let not owning a caravan stop you and your friends or family from creating wonderful memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. Lewis Auto Hire makes available reliable and hassle-free caravan hire on the Gold Coast, the perfect platform from which to launch adventures and sightseeing to other exciting Australian destinations.

Think of the memories you’ll make, playing games on the road, camping under the stars, sleeping in a different space every other night. It’s family fun on wheels.

So if you are looking for Caravan Hire Gold Coast, you have landed in the right place.

The advantages of renting a caravan vs buying

A frequently asked question especially for avid campers is whether to buy or rent a caravan. The primary consideration here is cost. There is far less monetary outlay in renting than there is in buying. Factor in other costs such as maintenance, depreciation, insurance and interest (if the caravan has to be financed) and it becomes clear why renting and not buying makes better financial sense. Here are a few other important considerations:

  • Storing a caravan requires space that you may not necessarily have on your property. Finding space to store a caravan means having to fork out more money, putting an additional burden on your budget.
  • With caravan hire you do not tie up funds in an asset that will only be used once or twice a year or one that can take time to resell if you decide to.
  • With Lewis Auto Hire you rent a caravan that meets the requirements of your lifestyle at a price that suits you.

And then there’s the question of “is a caravan better and as comfortable as a hotel?”.

There are many reasons to opt for a caravan holiday over a hotel suite. Here are just some good reasons to hire a caravan when going on holiday:

  • Cheaper more cost effective accommodation which may mean you can afford a longer length holiday. During peak holiday periods such as during the December holidays, hotel accommodation prices in the Gold Coast can increase to a staggering 103 percent. For the budget-conscious holidaymaker, hiring a caravan is a much more inviting option.
  • No need to wait for beds to become available. The freedom and flexibility to come and go as you please is entirely yours.
  • Enjoy a more sustainable eco-friendly holiday.
  • Different Australian caravan parks offer different types of facilities and entertainment and sporting options. Modern parks now can feature swimming pools, tennis courts and mini golf courses.
  • No check-in or check-out times!

Far from being an outdated holiday experience, caravan holidays are making a comeback with more and more Australian families now choosing to ‘staycation’ over travelling to foreign destinations. A recent Tourism Australia report found an eight percent increase in holiday and leisure travel on Australian home ground, a strong indicator that there is much to love for our many domestic holiday destinations. The study also highlights the popularity of caravan parks as well as camping grounds – holiday experiences highly favoured by families and (this may come as a surprise) adult couples.

Fun and adventure on a caravan holiday

Bring family and friends closer

Nothing compares to bringing family and friends closer quite like time away on a caravan holiday. Less distraction of electronic entertainment devices means more quality time spent together cooking, chatting and just doing nothing on holiday.

Family friendly fun that is easier on the pocket

Rent a caravan and seek adventures of all sorts for every taste and preference and fun the entire family can enjoy.  The Gold Coast remains a firm family friendly holiday destination.

Enjoy the comforts of home even while you are travelling on 4 wheels

Hotel rooms have the reputation of being impersonal. In a caravan, on the other hand, you get to enjoy the privacy and comforts you would usually have at home. Caravans are designed to offer comfortable living spaces along with sleeping accommodation.

Caravans for hire at Lewis Auto Hire

We offer the Jayco Sterling Caravan for hire. The caravan can accommodate between 4 to 6 people quite comfortably. The caravan comes standard with air conditioning, essential when travelling in the hotter seasons and destinations. The Gold Coast is known to be quite warm throughout most of the year!

Optional features include: outdoor camping equipment, extension capabilities as well as tables and chairs. For more information on additional specifications or any other questions you may have, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Lewis Auto Hire.

Fall in love with Australia all over again in one of our caravans. Whether you are looking to be inspired and find your mojo or just relax and unwind and soak up the sights and sounds of the outdoors, hiring a caravan from Lewis Auto Hire provides you with just the right vehicle for pure unadulterated escapism. Contact us and one of our responsive customer service staff members will be delighted to assist you in your caravan hire needs.

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