Mine Spec Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles—What You Need to Know

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  • On 13 Oct | '2020
Mine Spec Toyota Prado Hire

When dealing with the rough driving conditions of dangerous environments like mine sites, vehicles need to be outfitted properly to manage the conditions present. You wouldn’t wear a pair of slippers on a bush walk, which is the same as driving a stock standard vehicle into a mine. Mining environments are some of the toughest workplaces in the world, which entails using heavy machinery and traversing rough terrain on a regular basis.

This is why mine spec vehicles need to be utilised in these sites. As part of the Australian government’s task to protect the safety of its citizens and workers, there are guidelines in place for one’s safety when working in high-risk areas.

While heavy machinery exists in a mine, there also has to be some form of transportation available to take employees to different parts and haul equipment. This is why mine spec vehicles are fitted with the right equipment to deal with the demands of the environment.

Why Four-Wheel Drive Is Essential

Four-wheel drive is a feature that exists in most Four-wheel drives and offroad vehicles. This allows these vehicles to traverse tough terrain by powering all four wheels instead of only the usual rear or front-wheel drive. This is a feature that is needed for traversing off-road terrain, releasing boats into the sea using a trailer, and other functions that require an extra boost of power using all four wheels.

It is important to note that not all factory four-wheel-drive vehicles are ready for the mine. The steep inclines, combined with the slippery surfaces, as well as the uneven terrain, can get stock vehicles stuck even if they have powerful engines.

The Difference of Mine Spec Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles

In mine spec vehicles, they are outfitted with some of the most expensive parts to maneuver and drive in tough environments safely. If you have seen Toyota and Land Rover off-road vehicles traverse rough, mountainous ranges, it’s unlikely that they are outfitted with mere stock parts. Not only are these vehicles fitted with better engine parts, but their suspension and wheel systems are also upgraded to meet the needs of varying terrain conditions.

Additionally, lighting and other components for weight distribution are added for safe drives during dusk and while hauling heavy equipment. These are mandatory requirements for any vehicle that is to be used for mining, and often takes an expert’s advice on how and what to fit onto the vehicle.

A popular four-wheel mine spec vehicle is the mine spec Toyota Hilux, as the reliability is all that you would expect from a Toyota, with a healthy selection of upgrade parts and OEM parts.

Do You Go for Fleet Hire or a Brand New Mine Spec Vehicle Fleet?

Managing a fleet can be a difficult task to take upon yourself. Finding the right vehicles, fitting them with the appropriate equipment, insurance policies, and other brand-new vehicle-related items like registration can take a lot of time and resources to complete. For a quick turnaround, especially if you are rushing to get a contract done, a fleet car hire service like Lewis Auto Hire is an amazing choice to get a mine spec vehicle fleet up and running ASAP.

By leaving the fitting of parts for mine safety and compliance to the experts, there will be fewer mistakes made and less money wasted. Hiring offers the utmost flexibility in a short period, saving you lots of money in the future.


Mine spec vehicles have extremely strict guidelines in terms of putting a fleet together, as a lot of rules and regulations exist in high-risk environments. For the best results, leave everything to the professionals and secure a fleet or retrofitted mine spec vehicles with flexible and affordable options.

Are you looking to rent a fleet of mine spec vehicles in Australia? Lewis Auto Hire is the premium mine spec vehicle rental company on the Gold Coast. Connect with us today and find the best rental vehicles that suit your needs!

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