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4 Ways to Improve Safety While Driving Around Mines

  • By lewis
  • On 16 Nov | '2020
Drivinginthemines - 4 Ways to Improve Safety While Driving Around Mines

Working as a driver in Mining sites across Australia involves a fair share of workplace hazards. In fact, simply navigating mine roadways can be a challenge by itself. Unlike carefully constructed public roads, mine roadways are often unpaved and usually riddled with bumpy or even surfaces from supporting heavy vehicles or a recent downpour. Drivers also have to deal with obstructed views, since most mine roadways follow the mine’s slope and contours.

Whether you drive an all-around mine spec Toyota Hilux or a specialised Isuzu truck, there are safety precautions that you should follow to avoid encountering accidents while on duty. In this article, we are going to discuss some safety practices for mine managers and drivers alike.

1 – Use mine-spec vehicles

Regardless of how they were marketed, regular sports-utility vehicles and pickup trucks are not designed to operate in the mines. Without the necessary modifications, the rigours of the Mining site will cause accelerated wear on your vehicles. Besides breaking down more frequently, vehicles failing due to compromised or faulty equipment can lead to accidents that endanger the lives of your workers.

If you’re working with a mine spec vehicle rental company for your fleet, make sure to communicate your needs. Ensure that the vehicles they provide satisfy your requirements and are adequately maintained for good measure.

2 – Do daily inspections on your vehicles

Mining sites are rough environments that put a lot of stress on vehicles being driven. To keep your Mining vehicles in working condition, it’s a good idea to inspect the vehicles daily. This way, your maintenance staff can detect smaller issues and fix them before they progress into bigger and more expensive repairs.

It’s also important to designate maintenance days for your fleet. These more extensive inspections are necessary to ensure that any issues you may have missed during the daily checkups are detected.

3 – Do not offload on uneven ground

This tip applies mostly to drivers transporting debris and other cargo in Mining sites using a dump truck. The truck naturally becomes less stable when the bed is lifted. As such, it’s vital for a truck operator to ensure that they are on a flat surface before unloading their cargo. This way, they can ensure that the truck does not move or tip over while raising the bed.

4 – Avoid driver fatigue

Driver fatigue is never good for operational safety. The Australasian Mine Safety Journal defines fatigue as “a level above being tired.” This condition can cause accidents and will affect the overall safety, productivity, and morale of your workers.

Here are a few tips to reduce fatigue for drivers working in Mining facilities:

  • Ensure temperature-controlled work environments as much as possible.
    Working under the sun’s scorching heat will cause workers to tire much faster, even inside a vehicle. Maintaining your vehicle fleet’s air conditioning may seem like a minor thing, but it will help your workers remain alert throughout their shift.
  • Do not overwork your drivers.
    Allocate proper shift lengths and create a rostering system to ensure that your drivers have adequate rest. Keeping shifts at under 9 to 10 hours lowers the risk for workplace hazards, according to guidelines from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation, and Safety.



While every worker plays a role in Mining operations, drivers are a critical part of the job. Drivers enable the movement of everything, from people and heavy equipment to the specific materials being mined. Ensuring the safety of drivers will also ensure mine’s steady progress in the long run.

Lewis Auto Hire is a trusted name in Mining vehicle leasing. We specialise in providing long-term light vehicle hire for Mining and Construction industries in Australia. Besides providing durable and capable vehicles, we also offer exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and flexible hire agreements. Contact us today to learn more about our services!


Our 3-Step Guide on How to Hire Mine-Spec Vehicles

  • By lewis
  • On 2 Nov | '2020
Commercial Mining2 - Our 3-Step Guide on How to Hire Mine-Spec Vehicles

Working in an Australian mine is a challenging yet fulfilling endeavour. Over time, as you work on different projects in a worksite and take on more tasks, you’ll likely notice that a critical factor to your success is the vehicle that you drive. As you move back and forth to cover various tasks and settle problems, it’s bound to become clearer that a regular 4WD truck won’t cut it, which is where mine-spec hires come into the picture.

How you can start hiring mine-spec vehicles

As opposed to the old times where mine-spec vehicles could only be built from the ground up, modern solutions make it possible to hire or rent them from reputable service providers.

Instead of spending a small fortune building a fleet of four-wheel-drive vehicles that may barely meet industry standards, hire companies aim to provide advanced spec-compliant cars for far less. Cutting out the costs of ownership, reduced maintenance expenses, and no-frills driving experiences make it clear that opting to rent a vehicle is instead optimal.

Before you head out to your local hire company’s office and request for a vehicle right off the bat, you must do your due diligence first and get a better idea of how the process works. If you want the smoothest first-time experience possible, here’s a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about getting a mine-spec vehicle:

Step #1: Know what you’re looking for

Finding the perfect mine-spec vehicle for your mining-related needs entails taking note of what specific features, functions, and other related specifications you require.

Knowing what to look for is paramount for a seamless and easy hiring experience because it helps avoid any unwanted problems and narrows down the list of considerations. Whether you’re looking for something that can quickly scale craggy rocks or a vehicle that has enough power to make it through muddy terrain, it pays to list down what you’re looking for before picking out a specific option!

Step #2: Inspect the vehicle

Once you have a clear idea of what type of vehicle you’re looking for, the next step is to inspect the different options available that match your specifications.

During the inspection process, you’ll need to assess the vehicle’s handling, overall mechanical condition, and any other potential problem points specific to your needs that can make or break your experience. Apart from the overall condition of the vehicle at the baseline level, you’ll also need to keep an eye on the available safety features that will make your hire fee worth it, such as:

  • LED roof rack lights
  • Bullbars
  • Roll cages
  • Spare tires
  • Recovery tracks
  • Fire extinguishers

At Lewis Auto Hire, we’ll provide you with a checklist of different points for inspection to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth as you drive our vehicles back to the mine!

Step #3: Sign the papers and drive away

After the necessary inspection processes, the only task you’ll have left on your plate as you hire a mine spec vehicle is to read the terms of the agreement and sign any necessary paperwork. However, it is crucial to double check the forms that are provided to ensure that you have a clear idea of your responsibilities as the hiring party to avoid any complications down the line!


Contrary to popular belief, the process of hiring a mine-spec vehicle is a simple experience that can be done smoothly the first time around with the correct details in mind. Through the help of this step-by-step guide, you can ensure a seamless experience when getting industry-compliant 4WD trucks for your mining-related needs!

Our company specialises in providing mining vehicle hire for Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Perth and Sydney. Give us a call us a call today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect vehicle to rent for your needs!

A Beginner’s Guide to Safer Mine Vehicle Driving Experiences

  • By lewis
  • On 26 Oct | '2020
aerial mine vehicle image 1100x600 - A Beginner's Guide to Safer Mine Vehicle Driving Experiences

Whether you’re driving on a public road or traversing the challenging terrain of the mine site itself, you must always exercise caution when driving a mining vehicle. Like accidents that occur on public roads, the problem with most accidents that occur in mines is that they are often uncontrolled events that can easily yield severe consequences. Learning how to drive safely in difficult or potentially-dangerous terrain is that it’s not as difficult as you might expect.

How you can start driving a mining vehicle safely

If your line of work requires you to visit a mine regularly, then you’ll need to ensure that you consider these details and start applying them as soon as possible:

1. Drive a purpose built, mine-spec vehicle

Generally, driving as safely as possible with a mine-spec vehicle is relatively straightforward because the truck itself is outfitted with the appropriate safety features relevant to the industry.

In the case of Lewis Auto Hire’s mine-spec vehicles for hire, they have various features following the safety requirements set by governing bodies to uphold safety. If you want to ensure that you’ll be safe when on the road, gravel, or mud, you’ll need to have a vehicle that is built to ensure precisely that.

Once you ensure you’re operating a vehicle that’s up-to-spec with all the necessary requirements, all you’ll need to worry about is pairing it with the right driving habits and techniques.

2. Preventing common accident factors

After getting the right mine-spec vehicle, you’ll need to move on to preventing common error factors from taking over if you want safer driving experiences.

From a broader perspective, the most common factor responsible for causing accidents in mining sites is the presence of human error throughout the trip. While faulty vehicles and other environmental factors can play a part in accidents, driver error is often the root cause. Fortunately, it isn’t too late to start cultivating and fostering the right driver habits so that you can begin navigating the mine as safely as possible during your regular rotations.

Stay Alert – A momentary lapse in concentration, whether it be fatigue or taking your eyes off the road, can lead to deadly consequences. Keep your eyes on the road, take regular breaks and don’t drive for extended periods of time.
Don’t Speed – Speeding in any situation isn’t recommended, particularly in a mine environment. Although vehicles are specifically built to handle terrain, travelling at speed greatly reduces your reaction time, and incidents on uneven or unstable terrain can quickly get out of hand. Stick within the recommended limits and it’ll greatly reduce your chance of an accident.
Wear a seatbelt – They are there for a reason. A roll cage or a vehicle’s safety features won’t be any use if you aren’t wearing your seatbelt. This simple device has saved countless lives so ensure you always put it on, regardless of how far you’re driving.
Check your blindspot – Although there are less vehicles in mining sites than there are on the road, you should always check your mirrors along with your blind spots. It takes less than a second, and could be the difference between turning into a vehicle, or worse, a mining truck.
Turn on your headlights – Always have your headlights on during twilight and into the evening. Not only so you can see what’s in front of you, but for other vehicles on the road. If they can’t see you, they won’t know you’re there, particularly if there’s other things going on around the site that can be distracting.

Going over the need for maintenance

The idea of avoiding accidents while driving around a mine is something that most drivers put down to experience, as you learn the right habits and know the appropriate vehicle to operate. Although this mindset is valid to some extent, there’s another crucial factor that needs to be met adequately to ensure safer trips: maintenance.

Critical practices, such as regular inspections, consistent servicing and routine maintenance, will help ensure that you minimise your risk of experiencing accidents. Fortunately, Lewis Auto Hire takes care of the maintenance when you opt for one of our mine spec vehicles for hire, meaning that you can keep driving without any worries on the road!


Ensuring safe driving experiences when operating a mine-spec vehicle is an effort that entails taking a look at all the necessary details to achieve round-the-clock safety when moving back and forth. Through the help of this concise yet practical guide, you can determine what needs to be done so that you protect yourself as you move around the mine!

Are you looking for top-quality mining vehicle hire that you can rent and use when moving back and forth between mines across Australia? Our company specialises in providing mining vehicle hire for Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Perth and Sydney. Give us a call us a call today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect vehicle to rent for your needs!

Mine Spec Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles—What You Need to Know

  • By lewis
  • On 13 Oct | '2020
Mine Spec Toyota Prado Hire

When dealing with the rough driving conditions of dangerous environments like mine sites, vehicles need to be outfitted properly to manage the conditions present. You wouldn’t wear a pair of slippers on a bush walk, which is the same as driving a stock standard vehicle into a mine. Mining environments are some of the toughest workplaces in the world, which entails using heavy machinery and traversing rough terrain on a regular basis.

This is why mine spec vehicles need to be utilised in these sites. As part of the Australian government’s task to protect the safety of its citizens and workers, there are guidelines in place for one’s safety when working in high-risk areas.

While heavy machinery exists in a mine, there also has to be some form of transportation available to take employees to different parts and haul equipment. This is why mine spec vehicles are fitted with the right equipment to deal with the demands of the environment.

Why Four-Wheel Drive Is Essential

Four-wheel drive is a feature that exists in most Four-wheel drives and offroad vehicles. This allows these vehicles to traverse tough terrain by powering all four wheels instead of only the usual rear or front-wheel drive. This is a feature that is needed for traversing off-road terrain, releasing boats into the sea using a trailer, and other functions that require an extra boost of power using all four wheels.

It is important to note that not all factory four-wheel-drive vehicles are ready for the mine. The steep inclines, combined with the slippery surfaces, as well as the uneven terrain, can get stock vehicles stuck even if they have powerful engines.

The Difference of Mine Spec Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles

In mine spec vehicles, they are outfitted with some of the most expensive parts to maneuver and drive in tough environments safely. If you have seen Toyota and Land Rover off-road vehicles traverse rough, mountainous ranges, it’s unlikely that they are outfitted with mere stock parts. Not only are these vehicles fitted with better engine parts, but their suspension and wheel systems are also upgraded to meet the needs of varying terrain conditions.

Additionally, lighting and other components for weight distribution are added for safe drives during dusk and while hauling heavy equipment. These are mandatory requirements for any vehicle that is to be used for mining, and often takes an expert’s advice on how and what to fit onto the vehicle.

A popular four-wheel mine spec vehicle is the mine spec Toyota Hilux, as the reliability is all that you would expect from a Toyota, with a healthy selection of upgrade parts and OEM parts.

Do You Go for Fleet Hire or a Brand New Mine Spec Vehicle Fleet?

Managing a fleet can be a difficult task to take upon yourself. Finding the right vehicles, fitting them with the appropriate equipment, insurance policies, and other brand-new vehicle-related items like registration can take a lot of time and resources to complete. For a quick turnaround, especially if you are rushing to get a contract done, a fleet car hire service like Lewis Auto Hire is an amazing choice to get a mine spec vehicle fleet up and running ASAP.

By leaving the fitting of parts for mine safety and compliance to the experts, there will be fewer mistakes made and less money wasted. Hiring offers the utmost flexibility in a short period, saving you lots of money in the future.


Mine spec vehicles have extremely strict guidelines in terms of putting a fleet together, as a lot of rules and regulations exist in high-risk environments. For the best results, leave everything to the professionals and secure a fleet or retrofitted mine spec vehicles with flexible and affordable options.

Are you looking to rent a fleet of mine spec vehicles in Australia? Lewis Auto Hire is the premium mine spec vehicle rental company on the Gold Coast. Connect with us today and find the best rental vehicles that suit your needs!

Why Commercial Dual-Cab Truck Hire is Key to a Business’s Survival

  • By lewis
  • On 29 Sep | '2020
CaptureThis59 - Why Commercial Dual-Cab Truck Hire is Key to a Business's Survival

A common misconception that many Australian business owners have when deciding to invest in commercial dual-cab truck hire is that it’s nothing more than a short-term fix. This can’t be further from the truth. In these trying times, many now realise that dual-cab truck hire services play a crucial role in offering flexible long term solutions.

Commercial dual-cab truck hires for the long run

Ever since the start of the pandemic, many businesses have turned their attention towards flexible solutions instead of paying higher upfront costs.

The main reason commercial vehicle leasing has soared is that such solutions can quickly boost a businesses mobility whilst offering cost flexibility. Instead of worrying about paying a fortune for a vehicle that isn’t used too often, many firms are placing their attention on flexible finance options for vehicles that are only used when needed.

Given the mechanics of vehicle hire systems and their prevalence in Australia’s business landscape, it’s easy to see why it’s poised as a leading transportation solution for shifting demands.

How hiring can help you meet changing demands much better

As more companies continue to struggle with gaining a grasp on the continuous shifts in demand brought about by COVID-19, businesses require flexible solutions to stay afloat.

Although there are some weeks where business is exceptionally strong and profits are high, it’s often followed by a downturn, so reducing costs at every available opportunity is a must. In such a scenario, commercial dual-cab truck hires are required to step up to the plate because they provide the opportunity to let your expenses adapt to spikes or drops that are no longer seasonal.

Commercial dual-cab truck hiring continues to prove itself as an tried and tested solution for businesses looking to remain productive while reducing costs as it allows firms to increase their fleet capacity according to specified orders. With the help of a dependable service provider such as Lewis Auto Hire, you can have the necessary fleet power without worrying about long-term commitments.

Why a vehicle hire service is the best option for regulation compliance

Beyond having a flexible fleet or vehicles that can adapt to periods of high and low demand, another point decision-makers need to consider when glossing over commercial dual-cab truck hire is their ability to keep up with regulations.

For traditional set-ups that involve financing one’s vehicles and shelling out significant expenses for additional upgrades, keeping up with regulations is a far more costly endeavour because of extra expenses. From adding parts that enforce vehicle and driver safety to maintaining air quality with proper combustion levels, adhering to standards is indeed complicated and costly.

Fortunately, vehicle hire companies are no stranger to taking note of the required upgrades and carrying them out accordingly so that renting businesses can worry less about expenditure. For example, Lewis Auto Hire continuously modifies its commercial dual-cab trucks to keep up with the evolving standards set by authoritative Australian bodies so that clients no longer have to worry in the short or long run.


Given the ever changing economic status set by the COVID-19 pandemic on Australia’s business landscape, many companies are obliged to find creative solutions to minimise cost and maximise productivity, especially with their fleets. With the help of a commercial vehicle hire service, you can help your business cut down on costs and rake in more results in no time with a sustainable solution that gets it right.

Are you looking for top-quality mining vehicle hire in the Gold Coast that you can rent and use when moving back and forth between mines across Australia? Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect vehicle to rent for your needs!

Quick Facts About Hiring a Fleet of Mine Spec Vehicles

  • By lewis
  • On 8 Sep | '2020
CaptureThis42 - Quick Facts About Hiring a Fleet of Mine Spec Vehicles

When it comes to assembling a fleet of vehicles that are meant for hazardous work environments, mine spec vehicles are essential in meeting the set safety requirements. While heavy equipment is already built and tested for environments like mining zones, light commercial vehicles need to be fit with mine spec equipment too.

Mine spec Hilux trucks and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado models make the best vehicles for a duty fleet. In order to transport people, items, documents, and other kinds of essentials required in a mining site, these vehicles are your best bet. When considering going for a fleet hire, the best way to go about is to ensure that the light commercial vehicles are ready and set for ease of use. 

Here are a few quick facts about light commercial vehicles like the ones available for long-term hire at Lewis Auto Hire:

All Bases Are Covered

Light commercial vehicles with mine specifications require a different degree of operation. The service level requirements are quite strict, and meeting these requirements can mean a lot of work.

When considering fleet hire, all these are covered by the contract signed, which means virtually nothing comes out of your business’ pocket when it comes to wear and tear. Also, all upgrades and eventual changes to the fleet are to be done by the company being rented from.

Light Commercial Vehicles Are More Than Regular Cars

The mine spec vehicles in Lewis Auto Hire’s fleet are outfitted with specific parts that allow them to operate in mines in accordance with Australian rules and regulations. This means that they have the right tools for the job to deal with any of the demands of the mine, especially when it comes to hauling people and equipment around. 

Mobility is key, and a reliable set of mining spec vehicles ensures proper safety and movement capabilities throughout the mine. 

They Are Quick & Can Be Scalable

Because they are only a few steps above a standard road vehicle, light commercial vehicles are fitted with more features but have the same agility as the standard car. Being smaller than a truck, mine spec Hilux vehicles are the perfect utility car. They have a spacious bed for equipment, good suspension and steering, as well as various comfortable features inside. 

Fleet management is also easier when it comes to hiring because if any vehicles are found to be unused or used less, they can be removed from contract quickly. This proves to be better rather than being stored in a warehouse and breaking down over time. 

The Future Is In Your Hands

Whether your company has recently secured a mining contract or requires a fleet of mine spec vehicles on short notice, it can prove difficult to acquire vehicles right away. The logistics and processing from dealerships takes time, fitting them to suit your specific requirements also takes time, and the whole process can prove incredibly taxing. Time wasted is money wasted—so prevent contracts from going sour by going for fleet hiring services for top-quality mine spec vehicles. 


Hiring a fleet of mine spec vehicles is more practical than purchasing a whole fleet that can be difficult to sell and maintain afterwards. Thanks to fleet hire services like Lewis Auto Hire, the cost of maintenance, servicing, and work needed to meet mine specification safety standards is already done. 

With over a decade of experience in the mining industry, Lewis Auto Hire understands the complexities of mine site regulations. With our fleet hire service in Australia that provides mine spec vehicles, like Hilux trucks, Land Cruiser Prado SUVs, and other suitable vehicles, your mining business can be up and running in no time. Contact us to know more about our flexible hire agreements for light commercial mining spec vehicles.